The Sea House

sea house

He sees four walls upon the beach

A house, that once a home

Was flooded when each sapphire tide

Was pulled in by the moon


The house that by the sea grew old

And filled its rooms with sand

Of stones and shells the waves had crushed

And ground between her hands


‘A house for housing what?’ he asks

A brick and plaster womb

That stood against the breaking sea

But not for what; for whom


For whom a home beside the sea

Could have been the place

The dweller’s spirit drifted free

Along the tidal race


But yet a prison to the world

The stony walls provide

A harbour from the sucking force

Of sweet and milky tides


That swept good sailors out to sea

In shining, sapphire, liquid dreams

Whose home had no foundations

But the flags and rigging flapping free


Though empty now, this solid house

Those crumbling walls steep-piled with sand

Anon the moment that the sea

Will steal those four walls from the land


Anon the moment that she calls

With roaring breath, all history

Of who had lived and toiled and died

Beside, between, below her sea


And any memory of his life

Or knowledge of that time

Dissolves into her cobalt depths

As salt into the sea of brine


But for a moment all is held

In one onlooker’s eye

The house, the beach, the water’s threat

The fading amber skies


Let linger long red waves of light

From the horizon’s plane

For this one man to see the house

As one man’s home again


A man he never saw or knew

Who trod these very sands

A man who lived these very waves

A man he wants to understand


A man whose secret lies within

The danger of those plaster walls

Whose age is marked by lines of tide

That daily rise and fall


That daily rise and fall

That pounds upon the wall

And draws upon his mind

That tugging hissing call


Which pulled old sailors out to sea

It pulls him to the home

And there he meets the very man

Who lived there years alone


He is alone, becomes Alone

A man within the sea

A man within a man-made cage

The man once there was He.



















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